Jules and Tywin

Jules and Tywin are my Dog and Cat and they of course mean the world to me so I thought I would give them their own page.
Jules is an old girl who is 11 years old this coming september, she is a black staffordshire bull terrier cross, and she is a rescue dog, I got her at the age of 6 when I moved into my flat in 2012, she gets spoilt rotten by me and her food is from Tails.com (Highly recommended), she loves her toys and she enjoys my bed more than her own, and she always makes sure I have a smile on my face, if I am down about something she will tell and come over licking me until I am laughing before she slumps down and curls up for a cuddle, she is laid back like myself and enjoys going out for her walks. She has helped me on so many occasions that I would never trade her for the world, she is my lil girl and I shall always be her best friend.




Tywin is a cowcat pattern however I have no idea what breed of cat he is or is age but I assume he is 3 years old or older but he is not older that 7, I have had him now for two years when my sister and brother-in-law and nephew lived with me, he is an adorable yet annoying bundle of fluff, and moans and complains often, mainly when he is hungry, he has finally started using his toys and not my chairs as scratching surfaces, he could sleep for England, but now and then he enjoys a good cuddle and a stroke.




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