Write it , Read it and Do it

A few days ago I started something that I like to call "The To Do List Protocol", In the past I had no drive , ambition, direction or how my days were going to go, in essence I became a clock watcher, just waiting for a fun time to come about, but when I started … Continue reading Write it , Read it and Do it


Key to Happiness

The world is a strange place and everyone has a different aspect on happiness and what makes them happy but there is a universal solution that everyone can use and it is essentially one of the main important keys to happiness, it sound quite controversial but it in essence is actually true. Here it goes … Continue reading Key to Happiness

Strength Within You Introduction

Hey Readers, I noted in a previous blog on some of the changes coming to my weblog, and this is one of them, after doing a look into personal strengths I have come to find out that there are many of them and not many people know how to harness or develop these individual strengths. … Continue reading Strength Within You Introduction