About Me

Hello Readers,
This is just a little bit of information about me and what I will be covering in this blog-site, the reason for starters why it is called a blog-site is due to the many interests I have, I will need to separate them.



So I am 26 years old and live with my Dog called Jules and my Cat called Tywin, these to fluffs are brilliant at keeping my mental state in check, I am a gamer at heart so I play a lot of games and twitch stream them now and then, my favourite games have to be the SoulsBorne series, those that are Darksouls fans will understand what I mean, but those who don’t here is a little description of SoulsBorne, “A fan made abbreviation regarding Darksouls and Bloodborne, player that enjoy both games often refer to the series as SoulsBorne since both games are made by FromSoft.”




I am chronically disabled with an ileostomy and I provide support and guidance with other ostomates about individual problems with an ileostomy and how it has affected me at a young age, I will be going into detail about several topics of Ileostomies, such as dieting, health, cleanliness and more.
I also have a Chronic Musculoskeletal pain disorder in which at some point I am in drastic pain on a daily basis, I take Gabapentin 4 times a day to combat the pain. I will be starting therapy/pain management for this in the coming future and will blog on my progress.




I suffer with a lot of mental health problems and went through ten months of therapy to combat the problem, so I will be blogging in great detail on my mental state each day due to the change of emotions, this is possible regarding that I have things going on that even I don’t understand, my therapy was to prevent a psychotic break and inform me how to manage if one does.
Due to all my mental and physical health issues, I have severe trouble with sleep, I am on day four with getting up before midday, that is a personal achievement to me, but I will be informing people about sleep issues and what is can do to the body.




And Finally because I am a gamer, avid writer and observer, I will be writing reviews on games that I have played recently, the first to come will be bloodborne, the game that I am playing can be monitored on twitter, twitch and youtube. I will also have a video blog on youtube about issues that I struggle to write about.


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